Trocano Training in the community Sempre Viva Santana

Empowering Communities Through Education

Bridging Knowledge and Sustainability in Local Communities. On the 15th February 2024, the Trocano Project team embarked on another journey, this time to the vibrant community of Sempre Viva Santana.  With the mission of empowering communities, the aim for the team on this visit was to deliver courses on meliponiculture (beekeeping with native bees) and… Continue reading Empowering Communities Through Education

Planting the garden

Growing Together: the São Lazaro School Garden

Planting Seeds of Change in the School Garden Community Project In the heart of the Trocano Project, there’s a truly vibrant initiative being nurtured. The local school in the São Lazaro da Terra Preta community, has created a vegetable garden with the help of the Trocano Araretama project team. The São Lazaro “Horta na Escola”… Continue reading Growing Together: the São Lazaro School Garden

Children participating in the celebrations of the day

Celebrating Children’s Day in Trocano

Uniting joy, environmental awareness and community spirit in São Lazaro. Brazil's Children's Day “Dia das Crianças”celebrations were held on the 12th October 2023. For this special event, the Trocano Araretama Project embarked on a special journey to São Lazaro community. Our mission was simple yet profound: to celebrate Children’s Day by intertwining the threads of… Continue reading Celebrating Children’s Day in Trocano

Hands-on training complete

Latest Meliponiculture Course News

More Stingless Bee Breeding training held in the Trocano Project. In the heart of the Amazon, the Trocano Araretama Project continues its vital mission of sustainable development and environmental preservation. Training in the practice of breeding and management of native stingless bees – known as meliponiculture - is an initiative implemented by the Trocano Project… Continue reading Latest Meliponiculture Course News

Trocano Project Recycling Education session at school environment week

Recycling Education for Borba Students

Trocano Project teaches students the benefits of recycling. On 24th May 2023, the Trocano Project team delivered a lecture about the importance and benefits of recycling.  50 students from the Alcides Brandão Municipal School attended the recycling education session. It’s focus was on recycling garbage and the impact this has on the environment.  As part… Continue reading Recycling Education for Borba Students