Planting the garden

Growing Together: the São Lazaro School Garden

Planting Seeds of Change in the School Garden Community Project

In the heart of the Trocano Project, there’s a truly vibrant initiative being nurtured. The local school in the São Lazaro da Terra Preta community, has created a vegetable garden with the help of the Trocano Araretama project team. The São Lazaro “Horta na Escola” is an exemplary testament to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Community coming together to build the garden

More Than Just a Garden: A Symbol of Collective Achievement

The School Garden at the Municipal School Danilo Areosa, inaugurated on 9th November, stands as a beacon of hope.  This garden symbolises more than just a place to grow plants. It is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together for a common purpose.

It’s a way for the inhabitants to learn about taking care of the environment and show what can be achieved when everyone works together. This project is about teaching everyone, especially the children, how important it is to look after our world, all while growing closer as a community.

This project, spearheaded by the Trocano Araretama Project, illustrates the profound impact of integrating environmental education with community involvement.

Seeds of Change: The Beginning of the School Garden

The journey to this inauguration began on 27th September.  Luna Ferreira and Gilmara Menezes, project assistants from Trocano Araretama, presented a vision for a school vegetable garden to the school’s manager, Mr. Eduardulon, and his enthusiastic team of teachers. The proposal was met with open arms, sparking a series of actions aimed at transforming this dream into reality.

  • Location for the school garden
  • Chosen location for the School Garden

Laying the Groundwork

With the green light from the school’s management, the Trocano Araretama team embarked on a mission to prepare the chosen site.This initial phase involved meticulous planning and hands-on work to clear and prepare the land. These actions demonstrated the project’s commitment to sustainability and environmental care. Environmental Consultant Mr. Jorge Felipe, provided the technical guidance to the teachers and residents.

As the teachers worked on building the garden’s structure, the team gathered in the greenhouse with Jorge Felipe to learn about planting seeds for lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, and sweet pepper in the seedbeds, as well as how to mix organic fertilizer using decomposing sawdust and ox manure. This hands-on practice was crucial to equip the assistants with the knowledge and experience they needed to guide the students during the planting day and apply these skills in future projects.

  • Frame of the school garden
  • Constructing the school garden 2
  • Constructing the school garden 1

Community Spirit in Action

The essence of the School Garden project lies in its community-driven approach. What sets the School Garden project apart is the heartwarming collaboration between the teachers, students, and the broader community. Volunteers came together, contributing labour and materials, showcasing the power of community spirit. Ingenious solutions, such as repurposing discarded tires for planting beds, underscored the project’s innovative approach to sustainability.

  • The creation of the garden
  • Creating the garden areas
  • Repurposed tyres
  • The community in the garden

Education and Empowerment

A pivotal aspect of the project was the emphasis on education. Through workshops led by experts like Mr. Jorge Felipe, participants learned about sustainable gardening practices. The demonstrations included seed planting and organic fertilization. This educational component ensures that the garden’s benefits will extend far beyond its physical boundaries, sowing the seeds of environmental stewardship in the next generation.

A Flourishing Future

As the vegetable garden took shape, with structures built and seedlings thriving, the project culminated in a grand opening ceremony. This was attended by local dignitaries, educators, and community members. The event on 9th November was not just a celebration of the garden’s completion but a recognition of the community’s renewed hope and motivation.

Members of the Municipal Department of Education and Community President were in attendance at this special event. Jorge Felipe and Trocano Project Manager Joaquina Lourenço presented the objective of the garden project. The Community President also took the stage to express his thanks to the team.

Green Thumbs in a United Community: The Essence of Horta na Escola

The School Garden project is more than just a garden. It’s a symbol of what can be achieved when environmental goals align with community engagement. As the Trocano Araretama project continues to support the garden’s maintenance and expand its reach, its legacy will undoubtedly inspire other communities to embark on similar journeys of environmental stewardship and collective action.

  • Seeds for plainting in the school garden
  • Planting the garden
  • Children planting in the garden

Strengthening Community Bonds Through Gardening

The success of the School Garden at the “Escola Municipal Danilo Matos” offers a blueprint for integrating environmental education with community development. It stands as a shining example of how small-scale projects can have a significant impact. This fosters a sense of pride, ownership, and environmental responsibility among participants.

The inauguration of the finished School Garden

Harvesting the Future: Sustainability and Next Steps

The next phase of the project involves the ongoing maintenance of the vegetable garden. This will be achieved through conducting training workshops for both residents and teachers in the community. these will have a focus on effective garden management. Additionally, the garden will be monitored on a daily basis to ensure its continued health and productivity.

As we reflect on the achievements of the Trocano Araretama project, it’s clear that the true harvest goes beyond the vegetables grown in the garden. It lies in the strengthened bonds within the community, the enhanced environmental awareness, and the renewed sense of purpose among all involved. This project is a testament to the power of unity. It shows the importance of nurturing our environment, and the endless possibilities that arise when we come together for a greater good.