Trocano Exhibition at the Annual Borba Festival

Exhibit of the Trocano Project at the Feast of Santo Antônio de Borba.

The Trocano Araretama Project participated in the annual festival of Santo Antônio de Borba. This was a valuable opportunity for some of the participants of the courses held by the project to display their knowledge and products.

From the 9th to 11th June, the project team hosted an exhibition stand for the Trocano Project. The exhibit was held in the town square of Santo Antônio from 19h to 22h.  There were also people participating in the exhibition who have benefitted from attending the courses held by the project. They were there together with the project team members.

Trocano Project Exhibition at the annual Borba festival

Project participants demonstrate bee breeding boxes

The first night of the exhibition saw the participation of students from the meliponiculture courses. Mr. Tarciso Bentes and Amarildo Campos were pleased to attend.  They created an interesting display by bringing a demonstration of the bee breeding boxes. This was useful to draw the attention of the visitors.  Samples of the honey were available for direct sale to the festivalgoers, as well as to take order requests.  They were able to explain the work developed by the course. They also shared their experience acquired and the incentive in the creation of bees. 

Mr. Amarildo made a demonstration presentation of the empty bee boxes he had made. They also showed the material used by Tarcisio for the extraction of honey.

The public were enchanted by the exhibition. Visitors were impressed by our stand and interested in knowing more about the Trocano Araretama Project.

Local and natural products displayed at the Trocano Exhibition

The second day of the exhibition saw the team welcome some more invited participants to the stand.  They are a farmer of PA Puxurizal, Mr. Abraam Buzaglo and Mr. Muller Nogueira Stingless beekeeper of the community of Puruzinho.

Mr. Abraam participated in the recent meliponiculture course in the PA Puxurizal, that was promoted by Trocano Araretama. Mr. Müller was one of the students participating in the course in the São José community.  He is now a bee breeder with a quantity of 15 bee boxes,. This has resulted in a second source of family income as a result of this training.

Mr. Abraam made an exhibition of naturally extracted products. Examples were such as the oil of andiroba, Copaiba, Licor de Puxuri, Jabuticaba and Jambú.  Mr. Müller made his display of bee honey from uruçú-boca-de-renda collected in the community of Puruzinho.

  • Local participant in the Trocano Project Exhibition
  • Mr.Tarciso Bentes from the meliponiculture course
  • Trocano Project Festival Stand

The Trocano Exhibition shares project information with the public

The final night of the exhibition Mr. Abraam, Tarcisio and Amarildo joined together at the Trocano stand.  They continued to display their products for the exhibition and for commercialization. They also had products available to taste from the Sitio São Bento do Sr. Abraam. This was a great way to draw the attention of the public to visit the Stand. When they approached the stand, they were pleased to be able to know better the work developed by the Trocano Araretama Project for the local farmers and inhabitants.

Throughout the 3-day exhibition, the Trocano Project team were present as a mediator and explanator of the Trocano project. The team were pleased to be exposing and disseminating the work developed in the municipality of Borba.   It was a valuable opportunity to discuss the benefits and opportunities generated to the residents of the communities that are within the area of operation of the project.  

Trocano Project display at the Borba Festival