Trocano REDD+ Project Activities

Project Activities

The Trocano Araretama project has 3 core objectives as a REDD+ project in Brazil:

  1. Mitigation of deforestation in the project area through the conservation of the natural forest ecosystem.
  2. Providing the local communities with socio-economic enhancements, through their participation in the project. This includes capacity building and ensuring a meaningful benefit distribution mechanism.
  3. Protection of the existing biodiversity within the project area, ensuring the current conditions of the high conservation value ecosystems are maintained.

Each of the core objectives are equally important for our REDD+ project to be effective. The project actions fall under one of the three following categories:

Verification of the Trocano REDD+ Project

Verification of the project is reliant on all REDD+ project activities being successfully implemented and not just the certification of the avoided emissions, or carbon benefits.

Only the combined implementation of these key aims will allow the project to be successful, both in achieving its objectives as well as achieving verification to demonstrate its effectiveness as a REDD+ project.

Go Balance works together in partnership with the City Hall of Borba to achieve the core objectives of the Trocano project. Together with the people of Borba, they ensure the REDD+ project activities are implemented effectively. The project must carry out all appropriate actions to ensure the successful implementation of the project. This is in fact crucial to ensure the project achieves its annual verification targets. 

Natural Capital Credits

The effective implementation of the project activities results in numerous benefits to the environment, the local communities and the biodiversity. Adhering to the Natural Forest Standard requirements and achieving independent third party verification, ultimately results in the issuance of Natural Capital Credits. These certificates confirm the net positive outcomes of the project and therefore demonstrate that the project is effective.

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