Preparing the soil for replanting

Replanting a Degraded Area in Borba

Community participation in replanting a degraded area.

In support with the Secretaria Municipal de Limpeza Publica (SEMLIP), the Trocano Project participated in replanting a degraded area in Borba using fruit seedlings.

On the 30th June 2023, the replanting actions took place in the community of Jatuarana on the Deus é por nós branch.  The Trocano project had the participation of SEMLIP (Public Cleaning Department) and their team. They did all the organizing for the event, and gave their support with the transportation of the seedlings. This whole action had the inclusive participation of five families of the Jatuarana community.  

  • Replanting a degraded area of Borba
  • Trocano team preparing the ground for replanting

Fruit seedlings used for replanting a degraded area

The Trocano Project donated the 150 fruit seedlings to the community for the residents to carry out the replanting activity.  Species of the seedlings chosen for replanting were three different varieties; cocoa, açaí, acerola. These are all native species to the area.  The residents of the community were very excited about the realization of this action. 

Some seedlings for replanting
Some of the seedlings used for the replanting

Technical Guidance given to participants

On the day of the activity, it began with technical guidance from the Trocano Project environmental consultant, Jorge Felipe. Felipe oversaw the theoretical part of the day.  In the afternoon, the activity moved to the practical part. The implementation activity began by digging the pits ready for carrying out the planting.

  • Community members participating in the replanting of the area
  • Participant replanting in the degraded area of Borba

Before carrying out the planting a technical orientation was provided. Firstly, this was about fertilization and its importance for the development of seedlings.  The team also talked about the importance of limestone in the soil which decreases the acidity of the soil. This allow the plants to absorb the nutrients necessary for their development.  Alternatively, the farmers were taught that in the absence of limestone, ash can be used as a replacement. Ash is mixed along with the soil that is placed in the pit to plant the seedlings.

Participation of the Community Members

This action had the inclusive participation of five families of the Jatuarana community.  It was a useful time to raise awareness of the importance of recovery actions in degraded areas for community members.

Throughout the day, the residents asked questions about the planting techniques. They also asked about the options of organic fertilizer that can be used in the absence of chemical fertilizer.  It was explained the importance of the size of the pit and the spacing of the seedlings. This is so that they can have an adequate development.

At the end of the activity, the Trocano project team provided a snack for all the residents. As a result of participation, each person received with a t-shirt of the Trocano Araretama Project.

  • Refreshments for the community participants of the replanting activities
  • Participants of the replanting day