Trocano Project Recycling Education session at school environment week

Recycling Education for Borba Students

Trocano Project teaches students the benefits of recycling.

On 24th May 2023, the Trocano Project team delivered a lecture about the importance and benefits of recycling.  50 students from the Alcides Brandão Municipal School attended the recycling education session.

It’s focus was on recycling garbage and the impact this has on the environment.  As part of a lesson in citizenship and respect for the environment, the students learned about the selective collection of rubbish that can be recycled.

The lecture was provided by Trocano team member Jorge Felipe with the support of team members Luana Ferreira and Lene Maria Gomes Guimarães.

Learning the Importance of Recycling

Trocano Project lecture for recycling education at Borba school environment week

The Elementary school students attended the afternoon presentation.  They had the opportunity to answer some questions asked by the team during the lecture.

In addition, the presentation provided illustration slides to help the identification of the selective collection bins.  The team then explained what can be destined in each container according to the symbol and colour of the trash. 

Recycling Education

Trocano Project Recycling Education identification of coloured recycling bins

They were presented with images of two streams, one clean and one full of garbage and contaminated.  The students were then asked if they would have the courage to bathe in contaminated water like that. This was another useful way to demonstrate the effect of pollution if we do not start separating the garbage properly.

Trocano Project illustration of garbage in rivers for recycling education

Finally, a video then played to the students to make them aware of the importance of caring for our planet so that we can all enjoy a healthy environment.

Making Recycling Fun and Educational

At the end of the session, the team invited students to take on a challenge, which they were very excited about.  The theme of the challenge was Recyclable Toys. The objective is the modification and change of attitudes towards the disposal of recyclable materials in the future. This activity will help them to practice the recycling education they learned today.

The students formed into groups of 6 students under the supervision of the science teacher. A committee of judges will evaluate the modelled toys.  The panel includes Environment Secretary Rafael Pantoja, Undersecretary Ananda Corrêa and Maria Socorro Paiva.

The final judging and awards will be presented on 6th June, as part of the Environment Week activities. **UPDATE** The results of the recent recyclable toy contest have been announced here.

Recycling Education Day students as part of environment week 2023