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The Trocano Araretama Project is a REDD+ carbon project in the Brazilian Amazon that brings a combination of social, biodiversity and carbon benefits through the implementation of it’s project activities.

The Trocano project area is at-risk from deforestation, threatening the existence of the entire natural ecosystem of the forest. It is located in the Municipality of Borba, in the Amazonas State of Brazil.

The aims of the REDD+ project are forest protection and biodiversity conservation. The project is in an area of natural forest within the Amazon region of Brazil, and the project totals 1,346,541 hectares. 

In addition, social and community benefits are brought to the 10,700 inhabitants of the project area. All the communities directly benefit from their commitment and contribution to the project. 

The project is developed by Go Balance Limited, in partnership with Borba City Hall and focuses on avoided deforestation.

Trocano REDD+ Carbon Project Team

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Latest News from Trocano Araretama

  • Latest Meliponiculture Course News

    Latest Meliponiculture Course News

    More Stingless Bee Breeding training held in the Trocano Project. In the heart of the Amazon, the Trocano Araretama Project continues its vital mission of sustainable development and environmental preservation. Training in the practice of breeding and management of native stingless bees – known as meliponiculture – is an initiative implemented by the Trocano Project……

  • Trocano Team Community Visits

    Trocano Team Community Visits

    Trocano Team carry out an extensive program of visits. The Trocano team have made 42 community visits in the Trocano Project area in the month of August so far. The objective of the community visits was to follow up on training that has already been carried out in some of the communities. It was also……

  • Replanting a Degraded Area in Borba

    Replanting a Degraded Area in Borba

    Community participation in replanting a degraded area. In support with the Secretaria Municipal de Limpeza Publica (SEMLIP), the Trocano Project participated in replanting a degraded area in Borba using fruit seedlings. On the 30th June 2023, the replanting actions took place in the community of Jatuarana on the Deus é por nós branch.  The Trocano……

Key Features of the Trocano Project

Carbon Impacts

Trocano  Project Area Natural Forest

The main activity of the Trocano Project is the protection of 1.3 million hectares of natural forest that is at risk of deforestation. Thus, conserving the forest ensures carbon emissions are avoided by preventing the loss of threatened forests. Read more...

Community Benefits

Trocano Community

The Trocano Project brings numerous benefits to the communities within the project area, and the municipality of Borba as a whole. Benefits include supplying clean drinking water, training in sustainable practices and sports facilities. Read more…

Biodiversity Protection

Trocano Project Biodiversity

The location of the Trocano Project is rich in biodiversity and the project has an abundance of varied yet endangered biodiversity. The project is in the Madeira River region which includes endemic species found solely in this area. Read more…

The project is implemented in accordance with the Natural Forest Standard. It has achieved full independent, third-party validation and verification for its achievements in avoided deforestation, socio-economic benefits and biodiversity protection within the project area.