The Trocano Araretama Project is located within the Municipality of Borba, in the Amazonas state of Brazil and is a REDD+ avoided deforestation project which brings a combination of carbon, social and biodiversity benefits through the implementation of it’s project activities.

The project area is at-risk from deforestation, which threatens the existence of the entire natural ecosystem of the forest.  The project provides forest protection and biodiversity conservation to an area that totals 1,346,541 hectares. 

The project also brings invaluable social and community benefits to the 10,700 inhabitants of the 105 communities within the project area; all of whom directly benefit from their commitment and contribution to the project. 

– Latest News –

13th March 2019:  Public meeting held by Borba City Hall

A public meeting was held by the Borba City Hall on the 13th March, in the Capinarana Community – Rio Sucunduri. Community leaders representing the communities within the project area were formally invited to take part, with official transportation arranged from Porto do Asfalto, Borba at 8am on 12th March.

The objective of the meeting was for a public consultation for the Trocano Araretama project as part of the ongoing informed consent of the communities participating in the project.  Upon arrival, a register of attendees was signed, which totalled 130 community leaders and representatives of the 10,700 inhabitants of the project area…  Continue reading