The Trocano Araretama Project is located within the Municipality of Borba, in the Amazonas state of Brazil and is a REDD+ avoided deforestation project which brings a combination of carbon, social and biodiversity benefits through the implementation of it’s project activities.

The project area is at-risk from deforestation, which threatens the existence of the entire natural ecosystem of the forest.  The project provides forest protection and biodiversity conservation to an area that totals 1,346,541 hectares. 

The project also brings invaluable social and community benefits to the 10,700 inhabitants of the 105 communities within the project area; all of whom directly benefit from their commitment and contribution to the project. 

– Latest News –

21st April 2020:  Food Parcels Distributed to Vulnerable Students

On the 21st April, the Municipal Education Secretariat began delivering School Lunch Kits to students in the municipal school system.  Initially, 1,000 kits were distributed, which comprised of perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs, in addition to family farming items. The distribution process was carried out gradually and served the most socially vulnerable students in the Trocano project area. In addition, to ensuring peace of mind in the delivery process and avoiding crowds on school premises…. Continue reading