Carbon Benefits

The Trocano Project is a REDD+ project in the Brazilian Amazon, which has been an active project since 2011.

The Trocano Project’s main activity is protecting 1.3 million hectares of rainforest at risk of deforestation. This is known as REDD.

REDD = Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation

The plus in REDD+ refers to the co-benefits that are in addition to the carbon benefits of a project.

Carbon Benefits of REDD+

For the Trocano Project, the most important project activity is protecting the natural forest ecosystem. Conserving these important areas of forest ensures the trees remain standing. Subsequently, this means the carbon stored within them is retained. As a result of this action, the carbon is avoided from being emitted into the atmosphere, delivering substantial carbon emissions reductions and therefore generating valuable carbon benefits.

You can read about some of the additional benefits the Trocano Project has brought to the local area here.

Importance of REDD+ Forest Protection

Protecting the forest from deforestation under the Natural Forest Standard REDD+ framework has multiple carbon benefits:

  1. Ensuring the trees remain standing and continue to retain and absorb carbon from the atmosphere.
  2. Maintaining the existing carbon stock within the project area.
  3. Avoiding the carbon emissions that would have otherwise taken place without the project’s intervention.

These carbon benefits are the real and measurable outcomes of successfully implementing the Trocano Araretama project.  They highlight the significance and value of the project, and of protecting the rainforest as a whole. The carbon benefits of REDD+ projects are vital to the ongoing health of the global environment.

Project Developer Activities

There are a number of requirements from the Natural Forest Standard to ensure the project is eligible and verifiable.

The project activities are implemented by Go Balance, in partnership with the City Hall of Borba.  Also, by engaging the participation of the communities within the Trocano Araretama project, we are ensuring that this vast area of Amazonian rainforest stays intact. Furthermore that it continues to deliver these important carbon benefits, both for the absorption of CO2 as well as the prevention of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

REDD+ forest protection delivers more than just carbon benefits

The Trocano project also protects precious habitat for the biodiversity within the forest. There are many endemic species within the Trocano project area, some of which are extremely rare and endangered.

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