Project Videos

The Trocano team record important events and activities by video. Take a look at some of our favourite and latest Trocano Project videos:

Review of the Trocano Project Activities 2023

2023 was a year full of achievements for the Trocano Araretama Project. We would like to thank all the partners and the team who helped make this a successful year.

Highlights of 2023 in the Trocano Project

Stingless Bee Breeding Course 26th – 27th July 2023

The stingless bee breeding program has been continued, this time in the community of Jatuarana. Mayor of Borba, José Pedro Graça, attended the closing ceremony of the course, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Ildeth Pantoja.

Stingless Bee Breeding Program

Recyclable Toy Contest 6th – 14th June 2023

Following on from the Recycling Education Day held in May at the Alcides Brandão Municipal School, students entered the recyclable toy contest. Awards were presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

Recyclable Toy Contest, Borba

Restoration of Degraded Area 29th March 2023

On March 29th 2023, the Trocano Project Team together with Municipality of Borba organised a reforestation event which saw the planting of 500 native seedlings in a degraded area previously used for livestock.

Recovery of Degraded Area in the Trocano Project, Borba

International Day of Forests 21st March 2023

Borba celebrated the International Day of Forests on the 21st March 2023. Together with the Trocano Project team some seedling trees were planted in an area that was previously a rubbish dump.

International Day of Forests 21st March 2023

National Climate Change Awareness Day 16th March 2023

The Trocano Project Team celebrated this day with the opportunity to discuss the benefits of the project on the dedicated Borba Radio Station, Radio Santo Antônio 87,9 FM.

National Climate Change Awareness Day 16th March 2023

Borba Secretary of Tourism and Environment August 2022

Rafael Pantoja is the Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Environment in Borba. Here he discusses the Trocano Araretama Project and the benefits it brings to the people of Borba as well as the environment.

Rafael Pantoja, Borba, August 2022

About the Trocano Project Videos

Members of the Trocano Project team ensure taking videos as a way of recording important project activities. The on-the-ground project team makes this Trocano Project videos diary, working together with the City Hall of the Municipality of Borba, as well as local organisations from within Borba.