Fenix Karate

The Trocano Araretama project has supported the Fênix Karate Club in Borba as part of its social benefits program. 

The team has received funding for members of the club to attend national and international competitions, as well as providing uniforms and much needed training equipment to allow the members to practice their sport safely.

The Fênix Karate Club is not just a pastime for the local children – it contributes to the health of the young people and their development as positive citizens. The Club offers key skills to those who take part, including respect, social interaction, hard work and discipline and promotes an important emphasis on excellence in education.

Since the Trocano project has supported the Club, they have been able to attend a number of events and have achieved great results, including a number of gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as one team member being specifically called up for World Junior U21 Championship.