Children participating in the celebrations of the day

Celebrating Children’s Day in Trocano

Uniting joy, environmental awareness and community spirit in São Lazaro.

Brazil’s Children’s Day “Dia das Crianças”celebrations were held on the 12th October 2023. For this special event, the Trocano Araretama Project embarked on a special journey to São Lazaro community. Our mission was simple yet profound: to celebrate Children’s Day by intertwining the threads of enjoyment, environmental awareness, and stronger community bonds.

Children's Day in the Trocano Project

A Day of Learning and Laughter

The day began with a vibrant journey to São Lazaro, our hearts filled with anticipation. Upon arrival, the air buzzed with excitement as we prepared for a day unlike any other. The event commenced with an enlightening lecture by the esteemed Environmental Engineer Jorge Felipe. His words painted a vivid picture of the delicate balance between nature and humanity, emphasizing the critical issues of deforestation and fires.

Using engaging cartoons and dynamic slides, Jorge made complex environmental concepts accessible to the young minds of about 50 enthusiastic children. This interactive approach not only captured their imagination but also sowed the seeds of environmental stewardship in fertile minds.

  • Engaging children in environmental education in São Lazaro
  • Children's Day lecture to raise environmental awareness

Children’s Day is more than just Games

As the lecture concluded, the atmosphere shifted from contemplative to exhilarating. The social centre of the community transformed into a playground of joy and competition. Activities ranged from the “chair dance” game to tug-of-war and even a wheelbarrow race! Each event was designed not merely for fun but as a metaphor for life’s larger lessons on teamwork, strategy, and persistence.

The on-site the project assistants organized the gifts of goodies for the prizes for the games. The team also presented gifts to all the children.

  • Fun and games at Children's Day chair game
  • Wheelbarrow Race in Trocano
  • Fun and games at Children's Day

Building Trust through Community Engagement

These moments transcended mere celebration; they were a bridge to deeper connections within the community.

Our activities in São Lazaro go beyond mere environmental advocacy. They are steps toward building a resilient and empowered community. When residents see our dedication to both their environment and their children’s happiness, they feel all the more encouraged to participate in sustainable practices.

Our engagement with the communities of the Trocano Project is important. Delivering environmental and social initiatives that coalesce into a beacon of hope.

  • Presenting the gifts to the children on the day
  • Prizes from the Trocano team

The Trocano Araretama Project: A Catalyst for Change

Our involvement in São Lazaro, particularly through initiatives like the school garden, is a testament to our commitment to the environment and the community’s well-being. By integrating educational lectures with interactive games and social activities, we not only entertained but also educated, building a foundation of trust and understanding.

Fostering a Sustainable Future through the festivities of Children’s Day

This Children’s Day event was not just a day of celebration but a step towards a sustainable future, where communities are empowered to protect their environment actively. It was a demonstration of how environmental awareness, coupled with social engagement, can foster a positive outlook towards public institutions and inspire collective action towards conservation.

End of a joyous Children's Day

Cultivating a Green and Joyful Tomorrow

As we reflect on the success of Children’s Day in São Lazaro, we are reminded of the power of community, education, and environmental stewardship in shaping a brighter future. The Trocano Araretama Project remains dedicated to this cause. We strive to bring more such days of joy, learning, and unity to the communities we serve.