Recovery of degraded area in the Trocano project

Restoration actions in the Trocano Project

Project team reforesting a Degraded Area in Borba

On March 29, 2023, restoration actions for the recovery of a degraded area were carried out in the Trocano Project. This aims to encourage riverine people to practice recovering degraded areas and forest conservation.

The activity was held in the Vila Gomes Community, located on the left bank of the Madeira River. This community is at a distance of 10 km from the seat of the Municipality of Borba.

The planting was made in a degraded area that was previously used as a livestock activity. The restorative activity saw the planting of 500 fruit seedlings of 3 types of endemic crops – açaí, acerola, and cocoa.

Restoring land previously used for livestock

The Trocano team travelled by boat from the Borba town to the community. 31 students from the Agricultural Technician of the Centre for Theological Education of Amazonas-CETAM were also present. The trip lasted two hours to the destination. During the journey the team passed some safety information and action plan for the student participants. It was also an opportunity to help them to develop their experience of agricultural practice.

Restoration Team travelling to the area

The solemn opening happened upon arrival in the Vila Gomes Community.  The community does not have an official area available for the meeting. However Mr. Gilber to was willing to cede his property for the opening.

Technical expertise from local organisations

The day commenced with a speech from Mr. João Bosco of IDAM.  João is responsible for providing the technical details to the community. Introductions were also made by Trocano Project Manager Joaquina Lourenço. Mr. Messias Alho representing the Municipal Secretariat of Rural Production and Supply – SEMPRA made a speech. Mrs.  Clici Menezes de Castro representing the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism and Environment also spoke. Each person explained the participation of each organisation and the objective of the actions of the day.  The theme was to encourage the residents of the communities and the students of the technical course in agriculture, and the importance of keeping the forest standing.

Opening of the Reforestation event with Borba Secretariats

Restoration actions within the Trocano Project

After the solemn opening, all participants went to the area where the planting would be carried out. On the way, we had a walk of 20 minutes of difficult access, passing through different environments. This journey included a closed forest, a sloping area, and a field of campinarana (sand forests). During this route, the team made a task force to transport the seedlings to the place to be reforested.

Accessing the planting area

To have access to the site, we had the following logistics: we had two support boats. One served as transport of the seedlings and the other for the team.

As soon as we arrived at the planting site, the students went to the practical orientation class conducted by the team of SEMPRA. The representatives carried out the orientation and demonstration of the beaconing. Beaconing is the spacing of each species to which they would be planted. Subsequently, the class was divided into three teams. Two teams of 10 students and one team with 11 students. Each team had the objective of repeating the same process as beaconing, movement, fertilization, and planting.

  • Restoration Planting Orientation
  • Practice of Beaconing in the Trocano Restoration area

Practical restoration actions

It was also performed the orientation of the movement with a specific size of 40 cm x 40cm x 40cm. The direction of the liming was made. This is the correction of the soil for the reduction of acids, adding an amount of 200g of limestone per pit.

All students had technical monitoring of the SEMPRA team for orientation of the planting, which served as a practice in the field. This practical work gave the students the opportunity to know better the performance of their training and assist in the professional development.