Municipal Secretary talks about the Trocano Project

The Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Environment in Borba talks about the impact of the Trocano Project.

Trocano Project Municipality of Borba Amazonas

Here is a video from Rafael Pantoja, the Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Environment for the Municipality of Borba, Amazonas, where the Trocano Project is located. 

Rafael first became aware of the Trocano Araretama Project when he was still a student, and now 11 years later is playing an active role in its implementation and accomplishment.

The success of a project such as the Trocano depends on a network of input from a variety of different backgrounds and sources.  It is essential to bring together expertise from the local area including people who are on-the-ground and who truly understand the benefits and implications of creating and achieving an effective project.

Rafael believes it is very important to bring sustainable opportunities to smallholders and farmers within the project area to both support and enhance their livelihoods as well as protecting and enhancing the forest.

Rafael talks about the Trocano Araretama Project and the benefits it brings to the people of Borba as well as the environment.