New Sports Centre in Borba Opens

A new high performance sports centre in Borba provides access to sport for the whole municipality.

Demonstration participants in Borba

On the 22nd September it was the opening day for the new high performance sports centre in Borba.  The facility has been in planning for many years and has finally been achieved in partnership with the Trocano Araretama Project.

Training facility for all

The sports centre has been created to provide a free training centre for all the people of the Borba municipality.  It is a dedicated space for any sports to be practiced including futsal, boxing and jiu-jitsu which are all popular within the Borbense community.

There was much excitement and anticipation around the opening of the new sports centre. Many people from across the municipality attended the ribbon opening. 

Many members of the Borba community were involved in creating the event at the sports facility. Tasks included painting and decorating the venue, publicity and media coverage. The Trocano project team also provided many of the organisers with t-shirts printed especially for the occasion.

The opening saw a variety of sports being demonstrated, including MMA, karate and jiu-jitsu as well as boxing.

  • Sports Demonstration in Borba
  • Participants from Borba
  • Sports Demonstration Arena
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Importance of Community Benefits

Whilst the Trocano Araretama project is predominantly about the protection of the forest, it also focuses on bringing equally important social and cultural benefits to the people of the project area.

It is vital that the local communities who are helping preserve the rainforest also receive benefits and incentives for continuing their positive actions.

Joaquina Lourenco, the Trocano Project manager spoke about the significance of the sports centre for encouraging sport in the Borbense community. She also spoke about the importance of environmental preservation, and that socio-economic benefits such as education, sport and culture can come from the helping with the protection of the forest.

Communication and Participation in Borba

The sports facility will be a catalyst for disseminating information about the Trocano project, encouraging all members of the Borba communities to get involved.

Bringing people together in this training centre provides the opportunity for people to train physically and learn of all the health benefits this can bring. It also enables the communication to attendees about the project. 

Attending the sports centre in Borba allows education about the actions and participation they can take towards forest protection, as well as learning about the wider environmental impact.

Mayor Simão Peixoto gave his heartfelt thanks to the Trocano Araretama project for recognising the importance of additional benefits for the community such as this sports facility as well as forest gardens and artisan wells, as examples.