Trocano Project Broadcast on Local Radio

The project team organised a month-long campaign to run on the local radio station. Radio Santo Antônio 87,5 FM is the dedicated radio station for Borba, Amazonas. The Trocano Project broadcast aired in September and October.

Trocano Project at Borba Radio

Reaching out to Borba Communities

The aim of the broadcast was to promote the benefits of the Trocano Project. It was also to encourage people of the communities to connect with the project to understand the ways in which the project can benefit them, as well as the environment. The participation of the communities is crucial for the success of the Trocano Project.

Radio communication is important

Local radio is a valuable means of communication in Borba.  It enables connection throughout the municipality, reaching even the remotest of communities.  This is a vital tool to disseminate information throughout the municipality. This was the ideal communication tool for the Trocano Project team to use. The recording was broadcast many times throughout the campaign

Recording of the Trocano Project campaign

The Trocano Project Manager – Joaquina Lourenco – attended the radio studio whilst the information broadcast was recorded. The recording was then played out on Radio Santo Antônio every day during the campaign. The broadcast successfully reached many of the Borbense communities.

  • Borba Radio Presenters for Trocano
  • Trocano Project at the Radio Studio
  • Borba Radio Team

Listen to the recording of the Trocano Project Broadcast


The Trocano Araretama project has been in Borba since 2011 in partnership with Borba City Hall.

The objective of the project is conservation, preservation of natural forests, biodiversity of plants, animals and the ecosystem as a whole.

Bringing a solution to social demands, experienced and identified by the population of Borba, seeking alternatives for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

For updates follow the project page on Facebook; Trocano Araretama Project.

The feature was broadcast in September and October. The campaign was funded by Go Balance.  Go Balance is the project developer of the Trocano Araretama Project in partnership with Borba City Hall.