Local Borba resident records video of thanks

Cocoa producer Joel talks about the Trocano Project bee training benefits for local Borba residents.

Joel is a member of the São José community, In this video he describes the positive impacts of the stingless bee breeding courses and Trocano Project benefits for local Borba residents and producers.  

Trocano Project benefits for local producers

These bee breeding training sessions were organised by the Trocano Project for local communities to learn the art of meliponiculture. There are many local cocoa producers and plantations in the surrounding area that will all benefit from learning about stingless bee breeding.

Training for communities in the Trocano Project

Joel is a representative of the community of São José and is a local cocoa producer. He describes the benefits of the bee breeding course for São José as well as other communities nearby. There are a number of cocoa, papaya and acai plantations in the area which will gain from implementing meliponiculture techniques. Producers from these local plantations were among the attendees of the course

Our local project manager, Joaquina Lourenco and Trocano team member Luana Ferreira organised conducted the stingless bee course held in Sao Jose from 24th to 25th August 2022 together with IDAM, Borba City Hall and the Secretariat for the Environment.