Trocano Project 2022 Review of the Year

2022 was a successful year for the Trocano Project

The Trocano Project implementation team, together with Go Balance would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mayor of Borba, Simão Peixoto, his municipal secretariats, City Hall team and all the people of Borba for helpings us achieve a very successful year for the Trocano Project in 2022.

Highlights for the Trocano Project in 2022

Following the 2 years of the Covid pandemic, 2022 felt like a new beginning.  Throughout the year there were many highlights and successes, but here are just a few of them:

Bringing the Communities Together

Annual Festival of San Antonio de Borba

Having been postponed for the previous 2 years, it was agreed that together with the Municipality, Go Balance and the Trocano Araretama Project would sponsor the festival, which plays an important role in the municipal calendar, for all communities of the project area.

Festival of San Antonio de Borba

Environment Week

Funding also included support for events such as the Environment Week activities, rejuvenation of the town, and recycle bins. It also included food and live music to bring back the community feeling in the municipality, but with a strong environmental message. A march was also held to emphasize the importance of the environment. This was attended by thousands of adults and children from the communities.

Borba Environment Week March

Community and Economic Benefits

Stingless Bee Breeding

Throughout the year the Trocano Project together with IDAM, Borba City Hall and the Secretariat for the Environment held several training courses in Stingless Bee Breeding and bee box building.  These training courses were a great success. The training has resulted in the farmers finding end-buyers in Manaus for the honey they are producing. This will generate much-needed income for their families and their local communities. It is also important for pollination which supports the regeneration of forests and is important for the environment.

Bee Box Building in the Trocano Project Borba

Municipal Garden Regeneration

This project grows seedlings of native and fruit-bearing species and is of fundamental importance to encourage awareness of reforestation. The operation of the project is through the Municipal Department of Tourism & Environment, with the support of the Trocano Project and funding from Go Balance Ltd.  It aims to improve the forestry and environmental composition of the municipality. Where vegetation was removed due to the expansion of the urban area of the city, seeking environmental improvement of the municipality, and social welfare.

Municipal Garden Project

Looking forward to 2023

Our goals for 2023 will include expanding the existing program and adding major developments, such as clean drinking water wells, a rapid response fire team, drone monitoring to add to our geospatial data, as well as further health and environmental education.

Looking forward to a successful 2023 and beyond for everyone involved.