Felipe teaching at the bee breeding course in Borba

New Trocano Team Member in Borba

Environmental and Agricultural Technician joins the Trocano Project

Jorge Felipe de Paula has joined the Trocano project as a member of the on the ground team in the Borba.

Felipe was born in Borba and spent his childhood in the area.  He moved to Manaus with his family to enable him to focus on his studies.  At 17, he graduated from a technical course in agriculture and became interested in the environmental area.  Soon after he enrolled in college and graduated at the age of 24.

Felipe is passionate about his chosen area of speciality:

“It brings together its adventurous side by having opportunities to visit distant places, as well as being able to guide farmers in perfecting techniques for better production in the harvest”.

He is pleased when he sees the results of his work making a difference in the lives of these families.

Felipe teaching at the Trocano bee breeding course

Felipe has since returned to Borba and worked at IDAM as an Agricultural Technician. He also teaches seasonal classes at night in technical education of agriculture at CETAM (Amazonas Technological Education Center) in Borba.

Skilled Member of the Project Team

Felipe will be valuable as Trocano team member. He will be responsible for carrying out on the ground data research and reporting, in addition to carrying out geospatial analysis and environmental surveillance.

Felipe has also participated in delivering the meliponiculture course implemented by the Trocano Project team on the 24th and 25th January.