30th January 2018

New schools for two Borba communities

On the 20th January Mayor of Borba, Simão Peixoto, inaugurated new schools for the Piraiçu and Floresta Communities of Borba.  Both schools have high standard facilities and offer a good learning environment for students and teachers alike and include ample classrooms, together with kitchens, bathrooms and dispensaries.

The Floresta Community has been without a school building for over 4 years following a storm that took the roof, and the students of the community have been studying in the community church  instead.  The Piraiçu Community have had a huge increase in student numbers over the last year and these new facilities will ensure that all students can study in appropriate facilities.

The President of the Piraiçu Community and the Professor of the Floresta Community school both congratulated and thanked the mayor for these improvements.

The Mayor of Borba was joined by city councillors, the Secretary for Construction and the President of the FUNDEB council for the inauguration events and said that education improvement is a commitment of the Borba Municipality.

24th November 2017

Interview with Iakira, the Borba-based NGO partner of the Trocano Araretama project


29th October 2017

Borba Karate Student in Brazilian Team for WKF World Championships

The Trocano Araretama project partner, Go Balance, sponsored one of the Fenix Karate Club students from Borba to enable him to participate as part of the Brazilian team in the 2017 WKF Junior, Cadet and U21 World Championships held in Spain from October 25-29.

Ryan Christian ( second from right, back row and third from right in the pictures above) was called up to the Brazilian team for the 2017 World Championships in Tenerife and was proud to be able to represent his country, having had success in a previous competition which enabled his place on the team.  He was able to take part in many important training sessions with the Brazilian team, as well as competing in the Cadet Kata Male competition.

Ryan was accompanied to the competition by Rosely Pantoja and Alcileia Costa; two of the leaders of the Fenix Karate club in Borba.


9th October 2017

New Project Office Now Open

On Monday 9th October, the new office combining the Municipality of Borba, Iakira and Go Balance into one shared work space for the Trocano Araretama project was officially opened.

The Mayor of Borba – Simão Peixoto – gave the following interview:

The event was attended by a number of important people shown in the photo below:

L to R:  Yago Moda (Iakira); Edilson Batista (Alderman of Borba); Elizabeth Maciel (Councilwoman of Borba); Toinho Cidade (Vice Mayor of Borba); Jacimar Rabelo (Councilman of Borba); Dânia Gonzaga (Administrative Assistant); Júlio Gonzaga (Department of Rural Production Borba); Rafael Pantoja (Secretary for the Environment Borba)

The combined office will enable the easy and efficient sharing of data and information between all the project partners as well as providing a central office that is accessible to all inhabitants of the project area.

There is great excitement amongst all involved, with the Vice Mayor of Borba – Toinho Cidade – giving an inspiring speech to all that attended.