Baby Manatee rescued in Borba

On 24th June 2022 a baby Amazonian Manatee was rescued after a local Borba resident raised the alarm.

The Manatee (sometimes known as a sea cow) was injured and confused when it was spotted by a resident or Borba.

“The resident was arriving at the city port when he saw some river dolphins playing with something. He could not identify what it was at the time. As he got nearer, he saw that it was a baby manatee. He immediately contacted the secretariat team, who went to the scene and carried out the rescue”, said the Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Environment, Rafael Pantoja. Rafael also added, saying that the animal was severely injured and with several cuts on its back.

The rescued Manatee (Trichechus Inunguis) was cared for under the care of the Borba Municipal Department of Tourism and Environment and INPA veterinarian, Dr Anselmo. Following its rescued, the manatee was baptized with the name “Trocano”.

  • Amazonian Manatee rescued in Borba
  • Feeding the rescued manatee
  • Feeding the Manatee in Borba

Baby “Trocano” was placed in a reservoir of 500 litres of water to help it recover in comfort.  A donation from the Trocano Araretama Project supplied the milk it needed until its transfer to Manaus for rehabilitation, and future release back into its natural habitat.

Endangered Species

Amazonian Manatees are listed as Vulnerable with a decreasing population on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.  The rescued Manatee calf is approximately 2 months old, weighing 13 kilos.

  • Trocano and INPA with rescued Manatee
  • Caring for the rescued Manatee in Borba
  • Trocano and INPA with Amazonian Manatee

Trocano the Manatee has now been successfully transported to the National Research Institute of the Amazon (INPA) in Manaus. The transportation was under the responsibility of the environmental inspector of Borba, Jaison de Souza. INPA has been working for many years to capture and recover these animals and release them back into their natural habitat.

A big well done to everyone involved in rescuing this vulnerable animal and for recognising the importance of saving it.